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Resources & Research

Research Publications

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National and International Speaking Engagements

Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Conference – October, 2017
Washington State Chapter
Mission Possible: It’s Time for Everyone to be a Leader

The 56th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the System Sciences – San Jose, CA 2013
The Fifth Annual Workshop and Open Symposium on Service Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology: Applications for the U.S. Healthcare System

Systems: Thinking in Action: Fueling New Cycles of Success (Pegasus Comm.) – Boston, MA 2010
Recognizing Your Power: Transforming the Organization through Daily Leadership Interactions

The National Conference of Neonatal Nursing – Las Vegas 2005
The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth: A Novel Approach to Counseling Families of Infants at the Edge of Viability
Improving Outcomes in DR Emergencies: Using Simulation Techniques to Improve Teamwork and Communication

Leadership Excellence – New Orleans 2005
Putting Ideas Into Action: Harnessing the Energy of Others to Achieve New Heights
For the Safety of Our Patients: Using Simulation Techniques to Improve Team Performance

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