Healthcare belongs to all of us. Let’s recreate it together with more ease, joy, and success!

Get the 5 Ways Even Great Leaders Create Resistance to Change...and what to do about it

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Mara Zabari


Healthcare Leader, Organization Researcher & Speaker

I am deeply inspired by the dedication and commitment of the healthcare workforce.

Throughout my career my mission has been to support leaders to create human-centered work environments where clinicians thrive and patients receive the best care.

My Core Beliefs

When clinicians feel safe, heard, and fulfilled, patients receive the best care.

Leadership is required of everyone regardless of role.

If an organization isn’t changing, it’s stagnating or declining.

It takes courage to speak up; psychologically-safe environments are necessary for everyone’s voice to be heard.

Connecting to meaning and purpose is the antidote to burnout.

Work can feel like a hard slog or a meaningful challenge depending on which approaches are used.

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